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Kratom & IK-100 Indonesian 100x Kratom Extract.

Kratom is known as a safe herb, that has as a pleasant experience.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Can be used as incenses for its wood and as a medicinal leaf and is an interest for botanical researchers worldwide. Our Kratom extracts are for incenses and botanical research use.

Harvested from a large tree in the Rubiaceae family, native of and indigenous to Southeast Asia. Kratom is botanically related to Corynanthe, Cinchona and Uncaria genera with similar biochemistry. From the same family as coffee and the psychoactive plant Psychotria viridis. Other species in the Mitragyna genus are used medicinally in Africa, and also for their wood.

Fresh Kratom leaves are commonly chewed, often continuously, by workers and manual laborers seeking it's pleasant tingling numbing and stimulating effect. Kratom contains many alkaloids including mitragynine mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine (which is most likely to be the primary active chemical in the plant). Although 7-hydroxymitraygynie and mitragynine are structurally related to yohimbine and other tryptamines, their pharmacology is quite different, acting primarily as mu-opioid receptor agonists. Other active chemicals in kratom include raubasine (known from Rauwolfia serpentina) and some yohimbe alkaloids, corynantheidine. With Kratoms paradoxical property having both stimulant and relacsing effects.

The most potent leaves generally come from older trees, most of which grow on mildly acidic jungle type soils. Alkaloid content is a function of age, genetics, soil, location, and season. Alkaloid production is highest in late summer and early fall.Kratom trees usually grow to a height of 12–15 ft tall and 15 ft (4.6 m) wide, although under the right conditions, certain species can reach to 40 ft (12 m)–100 ft (30 m) in height tall.

The leaves of the Kratom tree are dark green colours and growing to over 7 inches (180 mm) long and 4 inches (100 mm) wide. The flowers are yellow and grow in clusters.The kratom tree is best in wet, humid, fertile soil, and medium to full sun exposure with area protected from strong winds.

Many people enjoy the enervating yet relaxing aromas of kratom. IK-100 is the new standard for kratom products. When I first discovered the joys of kratom I realised that it’s a very special herb. Over the next few years I found that it is very difficult to find a variety that is reliably strong and pleasant, is effective in a quantity that can be put in a capsule and bought at a good price.

"I spent three years sampling most of the available kratom products and finally found an extract that I consider to fulfil all the required criteria for a great, enjoyable product;"

IK-100, made from best quality Indonesian kratom and I can now make this available to fellow fans of this tree. If you are new to kratom, do some research on the net to find out the history and uses of this leaf? If you should decide to buy some, you will find plenty for sale but if you want the best, come back here.

IK-100 is expertly made with purity a prime objective and is very strong. IK-100 is available as a pure extract, in an enhanced leaf (mixed with best quality Indonesian leaf) or in measured incense capsules.

Kratom can only be sold in the UK as an incense or for botanical research use only not for human consumption but has a long traditional history of use in the countries where it grows.

IK-100 is effective in quantities from 50 - 250 mg. Kratom is known as a safe herb, with a pleasant experience.

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